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Website Packages

All packages require a $20 Maintenance Package billed quarterly

Maintenance Package covers costs related to hosting, updates, renewals and other charges in the administration of your site.
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Static Website$499

  • Full workflow for Website design & development
  • H1 & H2 content structure
  • SEO Management
  • Web Domain & SSL registration
  • Content evaluation
  • Website updates and general maintenance
  • Website hosting
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Dynamic Website$999

  • Everything from a Static Website Package plus...
  • Database integration for storage and access
  • Payment system setup
  • Pricing structures to manage discounts & promotions
  • Commerce system management
  • Inventory Photography
  • Customer data management
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Pro Website$1,499

  • Everything from the Dynamic Website Package plus...
  • Management of dynamic, changing data
  • Multi-user login support
  • User logins and security management
  • Process flows to manage complex input/outputs
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